Best stocks to buy for month of August

Hi Guys,

First of all thanks for you following our websites

The main aim of sharing stock picks is not to give you tips but to show how easy investing and trading can be,if you keep it simple

In this post we will be sharing Best stocks to buy for month of August


simplicity breeds greatness,Simple analysis with proper money management is crux of succesful investing

We have shortlisted top 10 stocks using momentum in price movements,so important criteria used was 1-10% near 52 week high

we have assigned equal capital to each stocks

we will exit stocks at end of month

SL=15% low from entry price

We will post the result in the end of month, stay tuned 🙂

Current price Qty Amount invested
VEDL 288 35 10000
PHILIPCARB 647 15 10000
ASAHIINDIA 287 35 10000
V2RETAIL 266 38 10000
GRAVITA 100 100 10000
GABRIEL 168 60 10000
Graphite India Ltd 219 46 10000
KRBL 455 22 10000
DCMSHRIRAM 395 25 10000
RCF 104 96 10000
Total invested 100000

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