Stock Recommendation:IIFL Holdings Ltd

Happy to come up with another Stock Recommendation for this week

We would like recommend IIFL Holdings Ltd at 390

Rational: Growth momentum


IIFL Holdings Limited is a holding company which involves in Mutual fund based activity, financial product distribution, capital market activity

Below is Financial high lights:

5 years Compounded Sales Growth:22%

5 Years Compounded Profit Growth:18%

Quarterly growth:

From the below table you can understand there is a consistent QOQ growth in net profit

Mar-15 Jun-15 Sep-15 Dec-15 Mar-16 Jun-16 Sep-16 Dec-16
Sales 1,005.51 905.81 967.39 981.91 1,096.65 1,026.63 1,214.26 1,270.54
Net Profit 131.68 107.65 140.39 126.69 136.45 137.54 183.12 179.07
QOQ Sales Growth 9.06 13.338338 25.51918 29.394751
QOQ Profit growth 3.62 27.765908 30.436641 41.345015

Technical analysis:

 I don’t wanted to write too much in technical parameters but few points to be noted are stock is making new highs and there is momentum in uptrend is picking up

Below chart can depict the strong uptrend



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